7) ARTICLE - reward pathway & motricidade [2012.11.25]


The role of reward pathway is involved in many medical and physiological fields.
These are metabolic diseases, in which diabetes, dyslipidemias, nafld.
The metabolical details are explained in other articles see my bibliography.
The newest intuitions involve rp role and physical activity.

The reward pathway
Is made of some neural webs, in which lateral ones connected to stress roles (adenohypophysis etc).
And medial ones (reward molecules mainly).
See articles explaining how medial patwhays works in and out wards.

Role of physical activity may be divided into two fields:
-       Muscles and vessels one: muscles involve the activation of main motor nerves, which are useful to decharge brain electrical activity into the periphery. Vessels too are connected to vagal activation, related to a more equilibrated olistic function
-       Opiates function: these act on reward in a physiological way, so to reduce hypothetical pain due pathologies and diseases.

Conclusive perspectives
The newest idea is how physical activity is related to reward functions: not only peripheral acted one, but involving also neural integrated systems and mind-thought due views.
More explanations may be implicital or explicated.

Dora Dragoni