reward project basis

Dora and Fatih REWARD FOR LIFE ®

-BENECEPTION (medial reward body-mind pathways ...BEN qi jing shen) > nociception (lateral reward BIAO) ((real ben = why ben -> biao))
-reward are instinctive NEEDS (genetical+epigenetical) to be accomplished
...since or a need is accomplished or ...it raises till convertion (dopa-beta-hydroxilase and habenula) to stress pathways
->reward are DUTIES for health of people and society
->rewards are RIGHTS for health and wellbeing

1. diet
2. fitness
3. shen soul (mind)
4. love life
5. sleep
6. extra rewards


Reward projects and concepts: reward for salutogenesis

Dora and Fatih

-epigenetics and reward
-reward as need, right, duty ... fulfillment
-reward positive gap basis for salutogenesis: RM > RL
-common reward concepts: RL nociception, RM beneception
-from occidental to oriental medicine from the reward point a view

-REWARD STRATEGIES (Dora and Fatih (c))
(1) diet 
(2) fitness 
(3) mind 
(4) love life 
(5) sleep 
(6) extra rewards

...and the right to reward according to common needs
reward is a right and a duty

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